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Project Budd

An exciting opportunity to purchase the trade and assets of a Company that has developed a suite of electric motors and power controllers

The opportunity

• Emission legislation is driving change; forcing the move to be green.
• Vehicle manufacturers, on and off road, need to move away from existing power sources (internal combustion engines and hydraulic systems).
• Both still have to meet performance and cost targets.
• Global car makers are investing US$90bn in developing electric vehicles for on-road use. Source: Thomson Reuters
• Equally large industrial vehicle market, which has a very different set of needs, to a greater extent has been ignored.
• Off-road engine market is forecast to grow to US$ 51.43bn by 2026. Source: Reports and Data

The current business

• In response the Company has focused on developing high efficiency drive systems that can deliver high torque at low speed e.g. a tractor ploughing.
• Advanced techniques in magnetics have allowed the Company to remove approximately 50% of the expensive rare earth materials to achieve competitive pricing.
• Work done to date has addressable markets beyond off road and a pipeline of potential IP.
• The Company’s technology lowers costs to allow for the delivery of a true, green substitute for the internal combustion engine.
• It enables customers to meet regulatory timelines without impacting profits.
• This technology has generated significant international interest, and the Company has worked extensively with market leaders in specialist areas including turf equipment, agriculture and construction.
• Prototype power controllers and small motor are already in place.
• There are also designs for trailer plant with first demonstrator being of a solar powered lighting tower.

Financial Information

• £19.4m invested already with plans in place to take business forward
• Company retains 16 staff including a core team of highly skilled engineers.
• 3 series of patents granted internationally, 2 filed awaiting examination, 2 more drafted
• There are plans to have working products in the market within 12-18 months

Anticipated timeline

• Time is of the essence and if you are interested you should contact us as soon as possible.
• The deadline for initial expressions of interest is 5:00pm on 25th November 2019.
• Interested parties will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to being provided with an Information Memorandum and additional salient information.
• Offers will be invited from the interested parties thereafter and a deal must be concluded by 29th November 2019.
• If you would like further information, please contact Nick Edwards or Adam Herman in the first instance:

Nick Edwards | nick.edwards@rsmuk.com

Adam Herman | adam.herman@rsmuk.com

+44 (0) 1908 687 800

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