Opportunity to acquire the trade and assets of a dynamic company in the packaging and logistics industry.

Investment Highlights

  • Services: co-packing to full supply chain logistics fulfilment
  • Flexible warehousing, contract packing, fulfilment supply chain and logistic services
  • Sectors: food manufacturing, consumables, other perishable goods
  • Significant opportunities for growth in all key market sectors
  • Average customer tenure: 4 years
  • 42,000 sq.ft leasehold factory in Midlands
  • c. 13 employees including full time management team and capacity to employ up to 200 agency production staff in peak times
  • Accreditations: BRC Storage and Distribution Grade AA and BRC Food Safety Grade AA; Sedex and Organic Soil Associations

Key Financials

FY23 Turnover: c. £1.3m

FY23 Gross Profit: c. £0.3m

FY24 Confirmed Sales: c. £0.5m

FY24 Projected Sales: c. £1.5 – 2.0m

Fixed Assets: c. £120k

Deal Specifics

Sale expected to be structured as a pre-packaged Administration, with the assets of the Company transferring to a new company.

Other reasonable deal structures will be considered.

Indicative Offer Deadline

22nd February 2024, 5pm


Deviesh Raikundalia
Restructuring Advisory Director
M: +44 7866 567061

Joshua Varughese
M: +44 7749 478412



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