Parcel Delivery

e.g. Small household appliances, clothing and games consoles etc

We are pleased to supply nationwide delivery (total parcel limits 30kg, 1/2m x 1/2m).

Please allow up to 7 working days for your parcel to arrive.

Parcel Delivery Rates*

Pallet Delivery

e.g. White goods, household appliances and furniture

On certain auctions we now offer pallet delivery. We have designed a simple system to help you to estimate how many pallets are required in order to deliver you your lots.

On each lot there is an icon to denote how much space on a pallet the lot occupies.

Quarter Pallet
Half Pallet
Full Pallet

Example – 4 lots

+ + + = 2 Pallets

Enter your postcode below to see the estimated pallet delivery costs for your area.

Pallet Delivery Rates*

Delivery FAQs

Do I need a forklift truck to take delivery of a pallet?

No, Our pallet delivery provider uses vehicles with a tail lift. Your pallets will be unloaded by the driver using a pallet truck.

Will my pallet be delivered to my door or into the premises?

No, pallet delivery is curb side only.