By Order of the Director Pending the Appointment of Liquidators Opportunity to Purchase the Assets of a Shared Living/Short/Medium Term Accommodation Business


John Pye Red Line Spacing

Business Opportunity & Overview

An opportunity has arisen to purchase the Intangible Assets of a Shared Living Air B&B business.

  • Established in 2011
  • £55,000 investment made in Fully Functioning Website
  • 150 live Homeowner Hosts
  • London based with the model being applicable to other City Locations


Offers are invited for all such right title and interest the Company has in its Assets. Any sale will exclude Company liabilities other than TUPE responsibilities. The sale of the business will be contracted by way of an asset sale only through a Liquidation insolvency process.


A deadline for offers has been set for 12.00 noon on Wednesday 25th February 2022.

Further Information

Further Information will be provided on receipt of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Contact details

To register your interest and receive the Non-Disclosure Agreement please contact: –

email –

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