John Pye Auctions Weekly Story – ‘Fastest growing family business

John Pye Auctions has been based since 1995 at the historic Shipstones Brewery site in Nottingham, with other bases across the UK making it the biggest independent auction set-up in the UK. Both of their children, Adam and his younger brother James, are closely involved in running the company, alongside their father.

That ‘family affair’ is very much John’s ideal for his life and the business. Adam, who went to boarding school and has been groomed for taking over from his parents, is now the company’s Managing Director. James was seriously ill as a baby. John says: ‘We almost lost him for 6 weeks.’ He has gained experience in every type of work at the company where he is now its Head of Security.

John is very proud of them both – but also puts his success down to Ann: ‘She is my right arm and half of my brain belongs to my dear wife. Without her, I could not have got where I am. She is magic, well educated and fully trained for all office procedures, patient and honest. I am very proud of her. We have got on like a house on fire.’


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