By Order of the Directors Pending the Appointment of an Administrator. Opportunity to Purchase the Purchase Order Book/WIP of an Established Print Manufacturing Company

Business Opportunity

An opportunity has arisen to purchase the Purchase Order Book/WIP and goodwill of an established print manufacturing Company, also providing finishing and delivery Services.


This is an Order Book/WIP purchase only opportunity.

  • Operating in the East Midlands
  • Turnover YE 31.03.2024 from P&L £1,773,096
  • Turnover YE 31.03.2023 from Accounts £2,200,000
  • Turnover YE 31.03.2022 from Accounts £2,500,000
  • Turnover YE 31.03.2021 from Accounts £2,100,000
  • May Purchase Order Book £41,462
  • 7 Key clients accounting for 48% of T/O

Please note the manufacturing assets are held in a separate company and available for separate negotiation.


Offers are invited for all such right title and interest the Company has in its Assets. Any sale will exclude Company liabilities other than employees which will transfer under TUPE.


A deadline for offers has been set for 12.00 noon on Monday the 13th of May 2024. This is an accelerated M&A opportunity; due diligence should be conducted as a matter of priority.

Further Information & Contact Details

Further Information will be provided on receipt of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

To register your interest and receive the Non-Disclosure Agreement please contact: –

Email –

This information which does not proport to be comprehensive, has been provided by our client and has not been independently verified.  No representation or warranty, express or implied, is or will be given by our client, its directors,  employees or advisers or any other person as to the accuracy or completeness of this information and so far as permitted by law.