Welcome to John Pye Auctions, the UK’s largest auction house network, offering the biggest volume and widest variety of stock and asset offerings to the secondary market.

Our business started from a small acorn, planted by our founder John Pye, who started operations with a horse and cart in the 1960s and set about growing the business organically and into new markets, from probate to insolvency and plant and machinery.

Since the millennium John Pye Auctions has passed hands to the next generation and has continued its organic growth, adding retail, vehicles, property and luxury assets to its valuation and auction portfolio.

The early ethos of resourcefulness remains rooted in everything we do to this day along with a clear and strategic vision of the long game.

John Pye Auctions is now cemented upon the biggest bricks and mortar facilities in the UK, a network of facilities spanning England, Scotland and Wales, covering over 50 acres and encompassing more than 600,000 sq. ft. of indoor secure salesroom space.

Our national network is centrally managed from our Head Office Asset Facility in Nottingham and showcased through our premium offices and salesrooms in Bond Street, Mayfair, London W1.

Each John Pye Auctions Hub across the UK provides our clients with the opportunity to engage with multiple geographical markets, matching optimum market demand to a range of stock and asset profiles.

We believe we are only as good as our last auction. Our continual aim is to create the most accessible and varied auctions, presenting these to wider audiences for every new sale.

We remain a family business to this day and take pride in our personable approach to both clients and customers.