By Order of the Director Pending the Appointment of Liquidators Healthcare Business Opportunity

John Pye Red Line Spacing

Company Overview

The Company has developed a fresh approach to performance reporting in healthcare that brings together gold standard trusted processes of clinical trials into everyday clinical practice. A secure, anonymised Data Bank allows the business to legally collect, store and monetise real time patient-provider aggregated data whilst supporting advancements in healthcare globally. Its mission is to become the leading performance authority in healthcare by making healthcare radically transparent, fair, and data-driven for all stakeholders.

  • Custom Web application offering data collection/input
  • All software coding Company developed and owned
  • 400 to 600 maximum weekly sign up
  • Four-year revenue to end December 2020 £12,390 average

Offers are invited for all such rights and title and interest the companies have in their assets.

A deadline for offers has been set for 12 noon on Wednesday 2nd March 2022.

Further information will be provided on receipt of a signed non-disclosure agreement.

Our client reserves the right not to send company/asset information if they so wish.

Contact details

To register your interest and receive the non-disclosure agreement please contact:

Anna Hall