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An opportunity has arisen to purchase the assets both tangible and intangible of a Specialist Motor Sport Braking Systems Business.

Summary of the business

Three decades of motor sport braking systems development
Leasehold Premises
Sales revenue circa £150,000
The Business requires new Investment and leadership

Assets available

Plant Machinery & Equipment including CNC machines
Domain name and web content
Customer and Supplier databases

Technology Comment

For sale: The rights and patents to a proven C-C enhancement to give brake discs which weigh less, provide up to four times working lifetime and require very little heat in manufacture. This compares very favourably with competing technologies, which require significant heat for long periods in manufacture and then wear out relatively quickly and to require replacement after one gruelling race.

The braking technology was the homologated disc material in use in Palmersport F2 in the 2010/2011 rebuild and were raced through the 2011 and 2012 seasons. It has been used by many top teams in other formulae in “hard braking” races since 2009, although without the explicit consent of race organisers.

The technology is protected by patents in UK and all other significant territories and the “know how” will be transferred to the successful bidder by former staff who have worked with it for at least ten years.

The opportunity exists to scale up production within motorsport to significant market share and once that is achieved, to offer modified versions of the patented technology in many related applications, especially aviation. In aviation its lightness and durability could assist aircraft manufacturers to meet incoming regulations and put them ahead in the race to reduce carbon footprint.


Offers are invited for all such right title and interest the Company has in its Assets. The sale of the business will be contracted by way of an asset sale only through an Administration insolvency process.


A deadline for offers has been set for 12.00 noon on Tuesday 28th June 2022.

Further Information

Further Information will be provided on receipt of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Contact details

To register your interest and receive the Non-Disclosure Agreement please contact:

Gary Harper
07958 460042

John Pye Red Line Spacing
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