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Project Dragonfly is a leading discount retailer operating from a number of outlets across the Midlands and the North of England as well as an online operation.

Business Opportunity

Project Dragonfly is a leading discount retailer operating from a number of outlets across the Midlands and the North of England as well as an online operation.

Company Overview

  • Project Dragonfly has a long history and has been operating since 1979. Today, the company operates as a discount retailer from several stores in the UK as well as via its website.
  • It sells a range of goods across a number of categories including home, garden, pet care, household, DIY, food and drink, cleaning, electrical and seasonal products
  • The company operates a membership shipping club model which is free to join and has more than 500,000 active members. The database contains valuable information including sales history, statistics, and contact details.
  • All stores are leasehold and have available parking and range in size from c.40,000ft2 to c.90,000ft2
  • The company was badly impacted by Covid-19 and was mothballed with staff being placed in furlough for much of the pandemic. All c.500 staff have since been made redundant.
  • we are seeking offers for the assets which include any fixed assets, goodwill, domain names, associated IPR, and stock.

Financial Information

Process & Timescale

  • FRP are inviting best and final offers by 5pm on Wednesday 11th August, although we reserve the right to vary this timetable.

Contact Information

If you would like further information on this opportunity please contact us using the below details.

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Trevor Palethorpe | Associate Director & Joint Head of Business & Property

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