BUSINESS FOR SALE: On Behalf of Voscap Limited – Project Zebra

John Pye Red Line Spacing

An Opportunity to acquire the business and assets of a professional Recruitment company servicing commercial, technical and industrial customers, also specialising in the new homes sales sector

  • Established brand
  • Operating from leased offices in the South of England
  • 7 Employees (including 1 director with potential to be retained for a 6 month bedding in period)
  • Turnover – y/e 31.03.2020 £657,864, and y/e 31.03.2021 £899,943
  • Tangible assets include office furniture & equipment
  • Customer book
  • Website domain/content

Sale process and further information:

Looking for an accelerated sale of the business and assets outside a formal insolvency process and, as such, this opportunity is only likely to be available for a short period of time.

The Deadline for offers by way of sealed bids is 12noon on Wednesday 23rd March 2022 should be sent to

To register your interest and receive a non-disclosure agreement please contact:

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