John Pye Auctions Weekly Story – ‘A bit of history’

In an age when so many rags-to-riches characters have disappeared from the UK’s business scene, one remains. He is John Pye, the founder of a multi-million-pound auctioneering dynasty in the heart of Nottingham. Born into Derbyshire mining village poverty, he dragged himself up by his bootlaces through a mixture of hard work and determination, assisted by the stubbornness of the former pit pony which was his first mode of transport.

That dogged beast and those personal attributes propelled him into the public eye as he rose to become one of the most recognizable faces and names in the Midlands – a straight-talking auctioneer of everything from four-poster beds to the occasional skinny goat.

In an auctioneering and valuing career that lasted over six decades, he has found himself at the heart of countless bizarre, comical and, sometimes, completely ridiculous happenings.

This autobiography is his record of just some of those events. They will leave you fascinated and, very often, in stitches at the antics which John witnessed during a career in which he encountered the best – and occasionally the worst – of human nature.


Buy the book, titled ‘An Auction of Laughs’, which is now available to order, priced £6 (£7 with postage) with all profits to be donated to the British Red Cross.

You can now order your copy of ‘An Auction of Laughs’ by John Pye by simply dropping a email to and we will happily arrange postage or via Waterstones (Nottingham)

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