Top Tips For Buying A Great Sofa

Thursday, 19th October 2017


Whether you’re in the process of transforming the décor of your living room or simply rearranging old furniture, your sofa will always be the anchor of the room – it will drive the look and feel of your home.

A sofa is where family and friends gather and it’s generally the first piece of furniture you’ll notice in a home. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect one that’s both what you’re looking for, and a price that suits you.

At John Pye Auctions, we believe it’s important to know what to look for when investing in a big furniture purchase.

Follow our top tips for buying a great sofa and you’ll never miss a good deal again!

top tips for buying a great sofa

A Little Planning Never Hurt

The first step is to plan the layout of your living room beforehand. This may seem like a simple task, but it can get complicated quickly as there are many different aspects to consider.

One of the best ways to tackle this is to get a piece of paper, draw your furniture to scale, cut out the pieces and then start to play and move things around. It’s surely easier than moving and shifting actual furniture!

Also, we know this may sound silly, but how many people are you planning to seat on your sofa? No one likes squashing on the edge and let’s face it, every house has a sofa hog! Make sure any sofa or settee that you purchase lets you and your household sit comfortably.

Modular sofas are possibly the best choice for whoever’s unsure of just how to proceed. They’re good for rooms of any size and you can start small and gradually add to it until you get the size and configuration that’s ideal for your room.


top tips for buying a great sofa
top tips for buying a great sofa
top tips for buying a great sofa

(Room) Size Really Does Matter!

Keep things to scale: too little or too much room space completely transforms the looks of an environment.

Consider the proportions of your room and remember to measure the sofa. This will tell you how much space you have available to play with and will ensure you find a model which fits best in the room.

If you opt for displaying your settee on an angle, it will take up a lot of extra room. Finally, remember to maintain at least 40cm between your sofa and the coffee table to give you enough leg room and space to sit down for drinks.

What’s Your Style?

Always choose what you like – you’ll be living with it for a while! Not even the most comfortable sofa in the world will serve its purpose if it doesn’t match your home style.

Looking for a more traditional décor? Check out sofas with rolled arms, decorative legs and more delicate lines. On the other hand, a more structured sofa will compliment any modern home perfectly. Other styles you may want to explore are rustic or vintage sofas.

Keep an eye on catwalk trends as they tend to impact on interior design and upholstery patterns. Botanical and floral fabrics are always in fashion during spring and summer, whilst monotone sofas in darker hues like blue and grey are in high demand for a more dramatic look or a scandi set up.

Chesterfield-inspired models are also very popular come-back classic designs.

top tips for buying a great sofa

Take some time to carefully pick your sofa colour – will you still love it in a few years? Will it blend well with the rest of the furniture? Choose a strong base and spruce it up with a lot of mixed cushions.


Fabulous Fabric Finishes

Choosing the right fabric is an important step of your buying process: it needs to be stylish, durable and fire resistant and…pet resistant – if you have one!
If you’re purchasing your sofa online, order some swatches in different shades and materials and see which one fits best with your style:

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics, soft to the touch and available in different finishes.
, on the other hand, is gaining in popularity because of the extra level of comfort and the luxurious sheen. It’s also easy to maintain if cleaned regularly.
Leather sofas are durable and stylish, adding that perfect classic feeling to your home. Just remember to keep them away from direct sunlight, radiators or fireplaces, which can cause the leather to crack.
Synthetic fabrics
offer more versatility and are more resistant than their natural alternatives. Definitely a great choice if you have kids or pets!

Whatever you decide to go for, just make sure your sofa is right for you and that it comes with a solid frame that will last for a long time.


top tips for buying a great sofa

Try Before You Buy

Make sure your new settee feels right and is suitable for all your needs. We always recommend viewing and testing any sofa you’re considering buying – after all, you’ll be using it for a while!

Come down, have a seat, give it that all important comfort test to make sure it’s exactly what you want – even borrow a tape measure to get the right fit for your home!
Look out for our ongoing nationwide sofa sales happening throughout June and July.

Once you’ve found the one that’s right for you head to our online auction platforms to place your online bid and remember, how much you pay is up to you!



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