‘Pye Candy’ and ‘Pye & Chips’ complete the JCB Mudrun!

Monday, 3rd July 2017
John-Pye-Auctions-JCB-Mudrun-2017 2

In the Staffordshire countryside two teams, ‘Pye Candy’ and ‘Pye & Chips’, took to one of the most challenging and fun obstacle courses ever devised, the JCB Mud Run.

We arrived for our afternoon starting slot, with lots of others having already completed the course, we got a glimpse of what was to come – A lot of mud!

We started in the 1pm wave with a steady pace being set. The first obstacle, ‘Guidant Gulley’, got us prepared for the course by getting everyone just a little bit wet. However, the next two obstacles, the ‘Wastemaster Lake Wade’ and the ‘Hydradip’, got everyone soaked.

We continued through the course together, laughing at the amount of mud splattered across our faces. Several more obstacles were encountered like the ‘Motor Mounds’ and ‘McCann Camo Crawl’, each challenging in their own way and each doing their job by getting us dirtier and dirtier as we continued to press through.

Further into the course the mud became thicker and thicker with each obstacle often leaving someone stuck in the mud (literally!), but as a team we overcame these obstacles together.

A huge congratulations to both of our teams who completed the course in 1:52:57, with all members making it to the finish line safely (if a little bit bruised, battered and crusted with mud).

Although there was a competitive nature behind the Mud Run, we must not forget the main purpose behind the run was to raise funds the NSPCC. In this respect it was a great success, generating over £70,000 for the charity.

John-Pye-Auctions-JCB-Mudrun-2017 4
John-Pye-Auctions-JCB-Mudrun-2017 5
John-Pye-Auctions-JCB-Mudrun-2017 4

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