Happy Birthday John Pye!

On October 1st we celebrated a very momentous occasion, our founder John Pye turning 85.  He spent this special day at the John Pye Coffee Lounge, where friends, colleagues and employees gathered to throw a surprise party for him.

It was kept a secret, with John walking into the lounge with a big grin on his face, acting completely surprised and all the guests singing happy birthday. His son, Adam started things off by reading out memories from close friends and employees about their first encounter with him or what he has meant to them through the years. Seeing the expression on John’s face while they were read out made all the preparations worthwhile. The memories were funny and touching at the same time, but all showed real appreciation for the man who founded the multi-million-pound auctioneering dynasty in the heart of Nottingham.

The festivities continued and John didn’t stop smiling all afternoon, you could not tell his age. He received his presents, which he absolutely loved. The auctioneer received the perfect birthday cake, which was lotted up as number 85.

Fun was had by all, and we would like to thank all the friends and staff that were involved in conspiring and helping to put the surprise together.