John Pye Auctions Weekly Story – ‘You have to kick the other way’

At school the extremely lithe John was a fast runner as well as being a strong swimmer. At football, he also excelled. This, he confessed, was more to do with his speed rather than skill: ‘I used to play right wing on the field at the back of school. I had a downhill run and used to go past three or four players and scored that many goals it wasn’t true. It wasn’t due to me being a great footballer, it was just because I could run like the wind and go straight past them.’

At 14, in September 1944, he had to leave school with the war still due to rage on for many months to come. His first job was at British Ropes at New Eastwood, where the work included making tank ropes and an array of other jobs.

When hostilities finally ended the following year, he left immediately to pursue his real desire, working on farms, where he could feed his love of horses and so many other animals.

That interest caused him, at 17, to request that his conscription was into the Army’s veterinary corps. But military assessors knew his background and his father’s occupation sending him, instead, to work down the pit.


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