John Pye Auctions Weekly Story – ‘Porcelain Pains’

Sometimes all did not go smoothly when I traveled to remove precious items for an auction

One such job took me to Norwich for the closing down of a shop which had specialized in selling porcelain cottages.

There were almost 3000 of them, all very detailed and delicate and it took us days to pack them all in boxes and store them safely for the journey to Nottingham. Unfortunately, when we finally got the load on the pick-up truck the engine broke down and we had to send for a lorry to transfer them.

What a job, all those little dainty cottages having to be moved once more into the lorry. Even with them all now in boxes, they were still very delicate. It was incredibly nerve-wracking. Anyway, in the end, we got them all off and transferred safely, but it cost more to transport them than we made from selling them!

What a nightmare it could sometimes be. But then that has always been the chance I took. Every day of my working life has been different and full of surprises. That’s been the fun of it.

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