John Pye Auctions Weekly Story – ‘Never crying over spilt milk’

Behind that confident and extrovert public face, however, is a man with an enduring compassion for his fellow man and a deep dislike of poverty in the world. He has long helped a variety of charities, as well as many individuals who he felt were deserving or in difficulty. His own impoverished roots have helped, along with time spent in the homes of the needy, as well as the rich and the famous across the Midlands.

In business, his philosophy of ‘never crying over spilt milk’ has also given him an edge over many others in the world of buying and selling.

His home-spun philosophy, in which life, family and work are intertwined, has disappeared from so much of modern British business life, where employees have become numbers and loyalty is a dirty word.

John’s very different approach is illustrated perfectly by the incident in recent years in which an employee had to be asked to leave after fighting with another staff member. The sacked young man was part of a family whose members had worked with John for decades and he had been very good at his job.

As John said: “There is a family link that goes back 50 or 60 years; you can’t throw that down the drain for a fight. He’s a good man, so I asked for him to be set back on. I went to see him and the other chap and I said: ‘Shake hands and if you ever fight again I’m stopping your bonus and I’ll put you on nights doing blooming security. That pretty well ironed it out.”


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