John Pye Auctions Weekly Story – ‘Learning the ropes’

Sadly for John – and the traders – he says the other auctioneers stepped in and stopped the sales. Undeterred, however, he switched to Mansfield and began working on a voluntary basis with Arnold Graham’s auctions doing bookings and learning the ropes of a world that fascinated him.

In between, he did many jobs, from driving to drumming in a band and even butchery; as he said, anything that made some money.

Long before he was able to make a major inroad into auctioneering, he continued his passion for farming, buying land and a farm at one of his favourite villages, historic Oxton, where he rented a small farm from local landowner, Admiral Shirebrook, for just seven shillings and four pence a week in 1963.

John even made money from fetching the pheasants and other birds that were shot and landed in his grounds.


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