John Pye Auctions Weekly Story – ‘Car Dilemma’

Often when I was called out on a job I would find myself acting as a middle man who needed the skills of a true diplomat. One such occasion was when I was asked to go to Sutton-in-Ashfield where a car dealer was refusing to pay money owed to the local council.

My instructions were to confiscate 33 cars off the forecourt and move them onto the road in compensation for the debt. We had a hell of a time getting all those cars off the site, with the dealer kicking up such a fuss as if we were to blame.

Anyway, no sooner had we got the last one off and parked along the road when the man coughed up the money he owed and then demanded that we put all 33 neatly back onto his forecourt.

I said if he wanted them putting back he needed to pay us £60 for the work. He said he wouldn’t cough up so we took two of them off the site and said we wouldn’t be putting them back till he paid us.

Of course, he paid up. And there was a double lesson for him to learn- always pay your debts on time!


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