John Pye Auctions Weekly Story – ‘Brick Trick’

Seldom have I been conned by a swindling seller – but I will never forget the brick man in the Nottingham suburb of Colwick.

I was officiating at a liquidation sale and the lots included second-hand bricks which had been cleaned and stacked up carefully into trussed-up blocks.

The bricks were in heavy demand and all went at good prices. But one of the buyers came back that afternoon with the bricks on the back of his truck. He asked me to come and have a look at them. The blocks had all been made up of good bricks round the outside hiding badly smashed bricks inside.

It was a total con and all the other buyers also came back with their bricks later that day. In the end, the liquidators had to take the man to court to get their money back.

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