How To Decorate Your Sofa With Cushions

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018

Try and imagine: you’ve just bought an amazing sofa through one of our online auctions – you bring it home, you set it up – then you realise something doesn’t quite look the way it should. Does it look a bit empty or leave your living room a bit bare?

Maybe a few cushions to spruce up the room might do the trick!

Cushions can be a quirky summertime seating solution for your BBQ gathering or can be used to add that extra Bohemian vibe if scattered around your outdoor patio. If chosen correctly when matching them to your sofa, they can bring together all the colours of a room and completely transform the aesthetics of your home.

Selecting and arranging the right cushions may seem like a simple task but don’t be fooled! It’s very easy to get it wrong.

We’ve put together a simple guide to help you decide on the right cushions.


John Pye Fabb Sofas Floral Classic Style

A Tale of Colours, Textures and Patterns


Always select the colours based on a palette scheme that already exists in your living room. You can find help or inspiration by using an online colour swatch – very easy to find with a Google Search.

Firstly, consider the colour of your sofa to make sure the whole picture will work well together. If you want to make a strong statement it’s a good idea to choose complementary colours or patterns. Remember to add some character by choosing cushions with different textures, such as a wool-knit cushion or a faux-fur cushion.
Always include one scatter-cushion that’s completely different from the others in either colour, shape or texture.

If adventurous patterns and striking interiors are not your thing, fear not! Simply opt for cushions that are bold in just colours or textures.

John Pye Fabb Sofas Bold Colours
John Pye Fabb Sofas Modern Look
John Pye Fabb Sofas Yellow

How Many Is Too Many?


There’s no such thing as too many cushions. You should always aim to layer them until your sofa will be completely covered and your floor nowhere to be found! Okay, that may be a bit too adventurous even for us!

Interior designers will always advise you to go for an odd number of pillows and so do we – the result will appear more casual and relaxed. Try to layer up five cushions for an average sofa and three for a smaller one.

From The Base To The Top!


There isn’t a set rule on how to display cushions on your sofa, however, it’s always good to start with a strong solid base – normally two large matching cushions on each end of the sofa.

If you’re going for a modern look, don’t be scared to mix things up a bit for a more eclectic feel.

Once the base is settled, layer all the other scatter-cushions with different fabrics and smaller in size and once that’s done, don’t forget to snap some pictures to show everyone your new fabulous sofa style.


If you loved our suggestions but you’re still debating which sofa would best fit your home, follow our top tips for buying a great sofa and remember to regularly check our auctions for stylish rugs and quirky home accessories to complement your looks!

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