The John Pye Auctions Half-Time Competition is back by popular demand – and we’re now taking entries!

The Garibaldi Golden Goal Gamble gives Reds fans the chance to step on to the hallowed City Ground turf and demonstrate their scoring prowess at the Trent End goal, in-front of a packed City Ground.

The selection draw window for entries for the first half of this season’s half-time competition is now open; just enter our John Pye Auctions competition to go into the draw to be in with a chance of being selected.

The simple competition rules are outlined below and right.

We have just marked the launch of John Pye Property Auctions by sending a Red John Pye Auctions model house up to space. To enter just watch the video above and guess how high the house went up to space by clicking on the red competition button to fill in the online form.

Entry is free and every entrant – no matter what the guess – will automatically go into the draw for the half-time competition. If you do guess the height correctly not only will you win the chance of being picked for the half-time competition you’ll also win the following prize bundle:

  • iPad Air
  • Signed Forest top by the 2014/15 Squad
  • Two 1865 Club hospitality tickets to a Forest game

There’s even greater opportunity for Forest fans to take part in the Garibaldi Golden Goal Gamble this season as we’ve added a competitive edge to the half-time competition.

This season Forest & John Pye Auctions will be randomly selecting not just one but TWO Reds fans for each Garibaldi Golden Goal Gamble. Both fans will take turns to compete against each other and will also compete against a stopwatch, with 3 minutes each to consistently score as many goals from the cube markers as possible.

The rules remain the same: you get one ball to score one open goal from 18-yards to win a prize. You can finish the competition there or you can gamble that prize to score from the next marker with a chance of swapping and trading up to the next prize. Score from the next cube and you win that prize but miss and you forfeit; it’s win or bust.

The player who gets furthest without missing will win one of the following prizes:

  • 18-yards: Henry vacuum cleaner
  • 25-yards: signed Forest shirt
  • 40-yards: iPad
  • 55-yards: 60″ LED curved TV

The winner of each half-time competition will then qualify for an end-of-season Grand Play-Off Final, when even bigger and better prizes will be up for grabs, presented to the Garibaldi Golden Goal Gamble Grand Master.

Winners of each Garibaldi Golden Goal Gamble draw will be randomly selected 1 week in advance of each home game from the entire list of entries, to take part in the competition at the City Ground.

The competition is now running and is FREE to enter until Monday September 22nd at 18.00hrs, when entries close for the first half season window.

Click here for full competition Terms & Conditions.

The second window of the Garibaldi Golden Goal Gamble will run over Christmas for Forest fans to enter the draw for possible half-time selection from January to April.

Nottingham Forest & John Pye Auctions wish all entrants the best of luck!

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